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خانه » scholarship » پسا دکتری دانشگاه Oslo نروژ بورسیه تحصیلی

پسا دکتری دانشگاه Oslo نروژ بورسیه تحصیلی

پسا دکتری دانشگاه Oslo نروژ بورسیه تحصیلی

Department of Chemistry/ Centre for Materials Sciences and Nanotechnology

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Catalysis

۱ postdoctoral position in catalysis is available at Section for Catalysis, Department of Chemistry/Centre for Materials Science and Nanotechnology.

The postdoctoral position is for a period of 2.5 years. The starting date is no later than 1. February 2017.

Within the framework of the position duties may be assigned. No one can be appointed for more than one specified period at the same institution.

Job description:

We seek a highly motivated postdoctoral researcher for the CONFINE project in the Catalysis section. CONFINE is a frontier research project in collaboration between the University of Oslo and the Norwegian Research Council. The overarching research theme of the group is value creation in chemical processes through rational catalyst design, based on atomistic and mechanistic insight in catalyst and reactor parameters. The successful candidates will work in a highly cross-disciplinary and internationally competitive research environment comprising ~ 40 students and post docs. The project aims to investigate model reactions on catalytic sites in open and confined environments, respectively, tightly combining experiment and theory with the goal of elucidating the effect of confinement and tandem functional sites on the activity and selectivity of new catalysts.

The Catalysis group has an extensive network of international collaborators, and research stays abroad is a natural part of any position in the group.

The position will focus on advanced characterisation. The most promising materials will be characterized by adopting a multi-technique (mostly based on spectroscopies) modelling-assisted paradigm. The relevant active sites are highly diluted, and their detection is further hampered by the presence of irrelevant spectator species.   Measurements should therefore be carried out in operando conditions to give real insights regarding the active sites. This represents a technical and analytical challenge that will require the specific dedication of a skilled postdoc.

IR and XAS/XES will be the core techniques used in combination with molecular modelling and chemical analysis of the out streams. The knowledge obtained thanks to the spectroscopies will be merged with data coming from P-XRD; HRTEM, thermogravimetric analysis, and reactivity test.

The activities will start by considering highly dispersed sites in confined space such as isolated transition metal atom in zeolites and in MOFs or metal nanoparticles entrapped in nanovoids. In these cases major questions that will be addressed are: i) What is the local structure of the metal sites? ii) What are the species that are formed in presence of the reagents? iii) What is the catalytic cycle? Is it possible to perform experiments and compare results obtained at gas solid interphases typical of heterogeneous catalysts with those obtained in solution in case of homogeneous ones?

A specific attention will be devoted to develop experimental approaches that also will allow measurements to be performed in solution and at high precision.


The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences has a strategic ambition of being a leading research faculty. Candidates for this fellowship will be selected in accordance with this strategy, and are expected to be in the upper segment of their class with respect to academic credentials.

The candidate must hold a PhD or other corresponding education equivalent to a Norwegian doctoral degree in Chemistry.

The applicant should have comprehensive experience in the use of in situ and operando spectroscopic facilities in combination with Infrared and Large-scale facilities’ equipment such as X-ray Absorption beam lines.

Applicants having qualifications in powder X-ray diffraction Transmission Electron microscopy, Inelastic Neutron scattering and SAXS will be preferred.

It is imperative that the candidates are highly self-driven and able to take responsibility for his/her own work, including troubleshooting and acquiring additional skills required to reach the project goals. He/she must master the English language at a high level and possess good interpersonal and communication skills. Mastering a Scandinavian language will be considered an advantage.

In the cover letter, the applicant must provide a list of experiments where the applicant’s name is included as a participant in the experiment. The applicant must state in the application letter which competencies he/she commands that could be beneficial for the CONFINE project. In addition, the applicant must describe why his/her background is suitable and advantageous for the position. Applications without such specification and description will not be considered.

A good command of English is required.

The main purpose of postdoctoral research fellowships is to qualify researchers for work in top academic positions within their disciplines. As such we are looking for a young individual that is just starting an academic career (i.e., holding a PhD no longer than five years).

Please also refer to the regulations pertaining to the conditions of employment for post-doctoral fellowship positions:



Position code 1352, NOK ۴۸۶ ۱۰۰ – ۵۶۷ ۱۰۰ per year, (Pay Grade: 57 – ۶۵), depending on qualifications and seniority.

The application must include:

Application letter including a statement of research interests


Copies of educational certificates and transcript of records

Letters of recommendation

If available, a copy of the PhD thesis

List of other academic works and publications and/or awards and stipends that the applicant wishes to be considered by the evaluation committee

Names and contact details of 2-3 referees (name, relation to candidate, e-mail and telephone number)

Foreign applicants are advised to attach an explanation of their University’s grading system (if applicable). Please remember that all documents should be in English or a Scandinavian language.

In accordance with the University of Oslo’s equal opportunities policy, we invite applications from all interested individuals regardless of gender or ethnicity.

UiO has an agreement for all employees, aiming to secure rights to research results a.o.

Region: Oslo

Job type: Fixed Term Contract

Working hours: Full-time

Application deadline: ۱۲ August, 2016

Location: Oslo

لینک خبر

منبع: University of Oslo

اخبار مرتبط : 

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